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was at jusco… saw the PG Rx78 Gundam Special Edition Gundam 30th Anniversary Edition. saw the price was like RM999.90.. LOL SF PG here Costs more than the PG RX 78

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    • Kay Stevenson I saw HG Dendrobium in Penang Queensbay for RM 1400, PG Zeta RM 1110. SO, PG Strike FReedom will be around RM 1300. =.=; Crap. I saw HG Meteor RM 500, i ask why so expensive, they say it is rare, but i can get from gwing on9 for rM 300. ==;

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    • Khaidir Semail HG meteor online is way cheaper (still expensive) its like 300+ in www.gundam.my…. i knw PGs are Big….. so..expensive >~<

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    • Kay Stevenson Meteor used to cost around RM 300-400. Some places are still at this price, which is acceptable to me considering the size. RM 500? No way.

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    • Khaidir Semail Dendrobium is one of the most Expensive HGs lolz

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    • Ivan Shinn Aska buy it

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    • Kay Stevenson It is still the most expensive gunpla now, more expensive than PG Strike Freedom (28,000yen +)

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    • Khaidir Semail ‎@Ivan: no money to buy that liao.. need avalanche Exia HG
      @Kay: agreed..heaven know why is it expensive.. like the GN Armor with Dynames cost like Rm330.90

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    • Kay Stevenson Wut? My GN Armor type E + Exia only cost RM 195. Dynames i dont have, but i can get it for RM 180+.

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    • Kay Stevenson I mean, GN Armor type D + Dynames

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    • Khaidir Semail Walao wei. ur side is cheaper >~<

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