training… damn.. its harder than i expected to be >~<“…… talk about a challenge……i’ll play my yu gi oh when i get the cheat files i juz need 9x Cards , instant win (just incase)

was at class from 9.30am…. then waited for the lecturer to come till 11.45am. and still didn’t come… but one thing about College that u can go back long as u do their work you’re ass is saved =3

HAHAHAHAHHA! YES!!! I’ve beaten the game >:D.. but that doesn’t mean the adventure is over >:D… Gambateh!!!!! gonna train all to Lv 100 ..and gonna CATCH EHM ALL!

bored… don’t where is the LEcturer…alone…waiting for the others to come T^T…wth.. =3=… oh well with music and doin my work can keep me occupied for awhile XD