got another Freakin idea.. i knw its updated.. but i also wanna make 00 7swords/g Inspection Version :).. the MG Wing Zero Can..wait…..because i don’t have Putty and Pla Plates..Sucks right… I know…. i don’t know where i can find Pla Plates and Putties in JB =_=”

i’m starting to get used to this college of mine.. Hhehe 🙂 even though iam the only the Malay.. but that’s  not gonna put my Guard Down…. >:).. made friends with the students there… can’t believe it took quite a long time heheheehee ==”

After Seeing the 00 Raiser+GN sword III MG… i regretted buying the Designer’s Color version….. maybe i’ll juz color scheme it or..maybe custom it =)..since the left wing holder is Broke( i was trying 2 recolor it back)…zzzzzzzzz

bored.. sigh*.. class is actually at 1.00pm but i came at 9.00…Sigh* another 2 more hours. .zzzz 2 pass the time .. watching Linebarrel and Did some random Drawing…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. saw a cat stuck on a roof.. can’t really get down sad :(.. i was distracted by the cat it was so hard getting a cab. LOL… oh welll zzz XD cat was trying soooo hard to actually get down.. sad it wasn’t a success.. it keeps Meowing =3… but nobody was there =( i can’t help because it is at the neighbor’s house… i can’t just go in without permission.. or else people think i’m breaking in.. =_=” wonder if the cat manage to get down.. LOL

My Chibi Drawings

I was bored in class.. no lecturers coming in yet..hehe so to pass the time i juz drew a few Chibi Anime pictures =)
This i drew.. in Eng CLass.. hehe its from this blog. the clock on your right hand side 


Hatsune Miku 
Rin and Houki