Optimus Prime WIP

In this post what i did. was that i did couple of painting on it.. Painted the legs or those machinery parts silver which basically this is still under WIP because i need Tamiya Clear Black so i can really give it that Transformers Look like in the movies instead of leaving it like toy.

My Custom works :)

Freedom IWSP

Arios TYpe G

Arios TYpe G (Flight Mode)

Destiny MK II (Cannon Mode)

Destiny MK II (Air mode)

Cherudim Gundam GNHW/S

00 Kaiser

All of these are my customized Model kits… soon..i’ll get to the advance stage of customizing my model kits 🙂
Enjoy 🙂 (do Leave some Comments :))

sooooo Fuckin! Bored =_=”””” cuz the lecturer for Basic Drawing didn’t come ..(he’s sick)……….well i have 2 wait till 1.00Pm for eng class to start…..