RG Strike+IWSP

I know this is 1/144…. WHO KNEW IT FITS?????!!!!!! maybe customized…. cuz i don’t think the slot for the normal HG Strike well be like that…. hmmmmm just have to wait.. i’m so getting this GUndam >:D and i’ll have to find Strike Rouge+IWSP because it’s the only HG seed that has a 1/144 IWSP

its been  awhile since i last updated my blog. keeps signing me out ==” which i have no idea..why???…maybe i need to post some random shit or something like that LOL. My Optimus is still WIP so i just need enamel paints…only have Blue and red..which aren’t useful for the timing =3=” i need black and brown to really give that Robotic and realistic Look.  since i’ve seen the tutorials on how to do panel lining by using Enamel paints at Gundammodelkits.com (Can’t be clicked bitch)+ i have thinner ^~^ and brushes too..both thin and flat…i juz need really pointy brushes and small flat brushes. this way i can learn to do weathering as well on any model kits i buy, especially buying ZAKU II MG, DOm, Z’GOK and other mono eyed mobile suites XD