Reasons why i love Model Kits that come with spares



The Reason why i’m saying this is that it saves me money. Not trying to be cheap or anything because Beginning 30 Cost me 110.90RM.. Thank God it has been discount. Take this for example… all i did was change a few parts and see what i got?.. A Beginning Gundam.. which i don’t even need tooo BUY IT. Its a good thing i didn’t buy last year when it was out in Singapore.. hahahaa been awhile since i last painted Beginning 30 gundam. sometimes it isn’t just this one.. there also other kits.Like Freedom Foo’s MG skull .. he took out a few parts and turned it into Kamen Rider Joker because its all black like Joker himself. That’s all For now… which i some how have to continue with my Wip of Optimus Prime