WIP In the room

i still can;t show the Hi Nu Gundam Custom ;P yes i do have the camera.. but i can’t show u guys yet nyhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahaha XD used the webcam to take photo 😛 don’t worry i’ll still post it up 🙂

New Gundam Show?

I’m posting this up on my blog:P so i’m not really sure whether this is for real. should be..nyahahah unless its like the other Gundam Rumor.. The Gundam beast or something like that reminds me of Beast Wars. 

I love you, I trust you
I hope you’ll share your loneliness with me.
I love you, I trust you
be it in light or darkness, because we trust each other,
so don’t let go.

basically bored in class right now =3=” can’t wait to get home so i can finish off the Hi nu Gundam Custom. also can’t wait on the 23rd because going singapore nyahahahahaa XD probably get a Kamen Rider and Gunpla :).. too many gunplas.. can get a bit boring though..not to say i’m stopping or anything juz.. like… i juz wanna have something new in the cupboard or display  like Fang Joker