PhotoShop Skills

uSing space background (except the FangJoker) so i finally manage to learn to crop pics and use proper background >0< ( i have no idea what i’m saying nyahahahahaha) ==” can still practice more >:O

College with Builders ;)

♥ ♥ MY COLLEGE!!!!!!! after knowing most of the students… MOST OF THEM LOVE GUNPURAS AND KAMEN RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAA!!!!!! I knew a COllege with Gunpla Builders Exist XD soo HAPPY!!!!

Hi Nu Custom Complete

apparently it wasn’t suppose to be like this… the shield and the holder for it was suppose to be painted as well.. which i was suppose to do it 2day.. due to its broken part where it holds the leg.. broke ==” which i have 2 currently find GPB Hi Nu Gundam for this replacement.. i’ll still respray it black like this one and use what ever i can 🙂