as you may already know that this bearguy has a Hole on the right hand. so i used was Hi Nu Gundam’s Beam Saber. I don’t know how to make it hold the flute =/ and i lost the eye and the flute yes yes i know :P. anyways.. seeing this bearguy with THIS  beam saber looks deadly and cute XD

No Gunplas for now

I’ve not being getting Gunplas since last month.. because of my college stuff getting in the way of my hobby.. i can’t do anything about it :(. I don’t know when is my Semester Break, I Really need to get out of Johor for awhile at least a Week AND I REALLY NEED SOME MODEL KITS><” Kinda bored everyday doing the same F*Ckin Thing.. bored going on Facebook.. sad i don’t have a choice… i’ve got this blog and FB.. .haiz ==” anyways gotta Go Chaooutside Muddafucka <_>