Reborns Dark Type HWS WIP Day 1

Made a Hole so that the wing can fit in. also used one of the Runner parts. 
1.5Gundam: WAKA! I CAN BE 1 GUndam (which means no alvatron Blasters T3T)

I’m Back with Customs Babay XD yeah yeah i know.. its been a while .. LOL anyways. my idea was to fuse these 2 Together.. wait till the end 😉 Chaooutside MuddaFucka <_>

Designing Shoe..Yes.. I’m Designing a Shoe.. ==” not my cup of tea but i don’t have a choice.. haiz ==” well not designing as in like Making a shoe no no.. Graffitiing the shoe.. so basically what i drew was a DAI GURREN LOGO which is my Blog Picture and drew Lunar,Cyclone,Joker Logos.. and drew some Fiery Look nyahaha which i have to paint it with Acrylic Paints… Wish me Luck in this Assignment