Need other kits

i seriously need to get some UC,EW ,G, A andSEED kits.. too much of 00s in my collections.. maybe juz 00 Raiser MG and Zabanya and i’m off the hook of 00s..cuz in Johor sells too many 00 Series ==” like alot.. most of the HGs are mostly 00s..UCs are juz Unicorn…zzzzzzzzz EW and UC anD SEED i’ll get both HGs And MGs except HG Seed.. they suck 😛

Reborns Dark Type Final

This is gonna be the final review for this gundam.. haha anyways.. for this final review is that i functioned all the funnels well not all 😛 anyways…. the sides are Fangs.. Giant Fangs XD its used as giant blades/Guns too well not holding it or anything. the other funnel bits just function normally drilled a hole and used the Strike Freedom’s Dragoon Stands because the Dragoons are just to heavy for this stand ==”

                                        here i had to put this way as the hole is at the sides.. was suppose to photo edit this pic.. but i’ll post 1 more.. nyhahha XD with the edited picture..