extra touch ups on Sideswipe

Did more touch ups on this figurine ^^. for the chest part is that i had to take off the Lens…. its small.so had to use a Twizzer to get it out =A=.. lucky no scratches and since it has a little bit of the silver sprinkles (cuz when spraying it when through… so used Red MArker. It fused and the red turned metallic ^^  also used gold (sooner or later its gonna turn dull cuz i got no topcoat T^T)

Dark Of the moon: Autobot Sideswipe Mechtech review

Finished painting Sideswipe. time to review it. this figurines is not bad though. did spraying and used markers on some sections.  originally, Sideswipes’ real color is red. but iwas juz lazy to paint it red. spray red is hard to control :(.

Dark Of the moon: Autobot Sideswipe Mechtech WIP2

Did spraying ^^ using silver. since in the movie sIde swipe is silver. also sprayed to wheels as well. some of the spray sprinkles went under it XD

Masked taped it duh.

had to spray backlight . and i juz repainted it red ^^.

Dark Of the moon: Autobot Sideswipe Mechtech WIP1

ma new loot ^^. so i’m giving it a paint job cuz it looks pale =_=. apparently in the movie. Side swipe is silver. so i used mR color Silver ^^. not airbrushed ;_; but Handbrushed it …… linez….. .gonna repaint some parts because my fingers keeps touching it XD. Wondering how its able to stand on 00 Raiser’s Stand? made a hole under it :). for the mechtech weapon i think i have to paint black >:D and for the blade inside is metalic blue.. .wonder if there’s Metallic Blue MR Color? ..

Table Cleaned…..Maybe not =P

Finally cleaned and rearranged the table.(well.maybe not)..still looks small though..i just placed the laptop there… because i need to sit down =P. also placed my gunplas and Optimus Prime there..for little Zast to it ^^. also i used my Yoko in Bikini Drawing for this post ^^.