RG Aile Strike Gundam 1/144 Review 1

Common Pose

Front View

Rear View


okay i really enjoy doing this RG kit! Had fun time building this kit, Challanging which i like it. I love to face challanges when it comes to model kits. the Frame especially XD

Review for Aile Strike RG (with Words)

My review for this kit is not bad at all. Quite challenging especially the joint frames, even though it has been fixed for you still have to function it properly. Scary part was that i taught it was gonna break =A=”. Lucky it didn’t break. For me its a 1 day or 2 building if you’re just doing straight building. I’ll Upload the Pics once i put the decals. Apparently i can’t have it flying because my Action BAse Stand doesn’t have the slot for the RG holder =( so i need to get the action Base 2 and 3