i don’t like Squares =3="

You’ve collected alot now ur saying its not for Grown uPs?? =3=”” 

sorry mr Rakman 😛 Don’t be a Square head ==” Be open. yes Animes now are getting more Rated…then watch the ones that are funny and humour in it ==”

17 thoughts on “i don’t like Squares =3="

  1. Somehow hobby itself brings fun and communication among friends or the one collecting the same or even interested. Hobby is a extra possible thing that you could do and you like it , example your friend collecting stamp , it's boring for you but just bare it and know why of collecting it so special then only you know of what's special about it . If you're gonna complain about what i'm collecting then think about yourself of what shit are you to tell me what to do as if you're so special . ( The following comment are not meant to hurt anyone )

  2. I ain't special…. I'm juz normal person.. At least I have a life. Me saying shitz?.. Well at least I don't show off to the whole world that I'm best and expert in my religion.. Keep it. To yourself. God said u don't need to show the world ur the best in ur race. U urslf are showing hippocracy!

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