Forever Gundam WIP1

  FIRST POST UP on this Part doing the Chest for 2hours hahahaahaha XD i used the marker to paint this thats why it looks flat 😛

here what i did was that i used Gold Marker so i scraped off the with using a Knife then repainted it with using the silver marker

 For these 2 up and down pics is that i use the Tamiya Color White.. it should merge abit with the blue cuz the white isn’t pure white.. it has a mixture of blue in it.. so i forgot to use thinner for this =A=”

NEW LOOT!!!!!!!!

yes got myself a new loot.. wanted to get the MG alex Gundam.. but then…it turnned down on me as it did not wanna build it :/not to say turning down on UC kits but.. hmmm maybe next time… didn’t had enough cash for Monkey D. Luffy MG… but oh well.. next time for sure.. maybe i’ll get it at the end of the year

College Assignment Computer Introduction Part 2

what i learned today is photoshopping this TEXT Edits.. yes learned how to Create a 2d to a 3D.well for mine of course cuz i’m using a MAC… zzzzzz sad.. but anyways.. i like this ;D