HGGPB Forever Gundam Review 1

Finally Finished Building Forever Gundam… it was a drag cuz i was doing other stuff :P. anyways.. i enjoyed building this kit.. disappointment was the toothpick Beam Saber ==” but is okay. though cuz i managed to find a substitute by using HGUC Unicorn’s Beam Saber. and Thank GOD IT FITS!!!!!!!!  2 more reviews shall be posted on MOnday 😛

4 thoughts on “HGGPB Forever Gundam Review 1

  1. yes it can. GPB comes with Spare parts. only thing u need to do is cut out the spares take off the armor and u'll get RX… i was thinking if the armor could fit RG Rx Gundam maybe i'll be the first to make RG Forever Gundam XD

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