Still Prototype

Its still under construction though Because i don’t know what else to add to Vent Savior.. Especially when you don’t have pla plates that are sold in johor hobby stores ==”. Apparently.. i made a hole for the Saw Blades which i took from Gale Strike Gundam so i placed it on the big Cannon thingy :P. Used the Gatling Gun and placed it under the shield. For the Knees.. also used parts from Gale Strike gundam.. poor guy :/.. still for display.
I’m still working on the shield.. i just need putty so i can put in the ammo pack to it.. i mean how else is the gatling gun gonna function.. LOL! 

Rear view on how i placed the blades. except i have forgotten to take shots on how i made the hole and placed it.. i’m bad reviewer ==” anyways that doesn’t matter… will post more pics on this and maybe gonna do a custom paint job on it.. leaving the bluish parts which i done months ago.. and will color the the greyish parts Black. so it’ll have the Black Raven look 🙂 Gambateh ! Hope this one succeeds.

2 thoughts on “Still Prototype

  1. thanks ^^. i did saw a scratched built once…. probably used MG freedom's frame.. but dunno about the transformation haha XD For my case.. its hard to customize Transformable suits..which u have 2 think on how the jet mode is gonna be T_T

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