MG 00 Raiser 7/swords/g Repost

Reposting this cuz i dunno why can’t upload from my com… Finally managed to post this pic.. i think memory for the Google album must be full :P… dang.. then must creat thumblr account.. walao.


click here apparently i knew it that this was gonna happen. sorry i can’t post pics because something’s wrong with my blogger. anyways click the link “click here“. i was planning on getting MG 00 raiser. thanks to Sean perez and GG. 00 Gundam 7Swords/g is gonna be out soon. waka..i’m assuming next is gonna be XN for MG which is gonna act as a Resin Kit like the Resin Kit GNSWORD IV for 00Quanta MG

Savior Type B Custom

This is the 3rd Non-Grade 1/100 Customized Kit in my collection.

Jet mode

Even though i’ve posted the first ver b4.. now its the newer ver >:D with Blades (gale strike:P). Sorry didn’t show the WIP :(.  but i’ll juz tell you anyways. For the sword i made a hole for it so the shoulders which previously holds the wings are now holding the swords. Used MG hands. the ORigin of the MG Hands are from MG Strike Noir. don’t worry there’s still hands for it^^.