MG 00 Gundam 7swords /g Post 2

Another Update on the MG 00 Gundam 7swords/g. with the extra weapon GN Buster. gonna get this.. so i have to start saving again. maybe this then 00 Raiser MG, 00 quanta and zabanya.. damn you 00s.. why do you always make me wanna buy you ><“.

apparently i can’t wait. if johor is so slow to update..maybe (hope its a holiday for my college) can go Singapore (eventhough its still the same =A=). or KL.  Really need MGS…. Bored of buying HGs all the time because they’re… not as challenging… will not buy HGs for the timing

Optimus Prime WIP completed

Finally done with the WIP of this OPtimus Prime VOyage Class Hunt Of the decepticons version. well basically after seeing the posters of optimus from the new Transformers3: Dark of the moon, i decided to give some more touch ups. the first few WIPS were still not enough.  i can say its okay i guess. i have one more TF Figurine. but lazy 2 take pics of it =P.