MG Wing Gundam EW

I’ve been waiting for this kit to arrive in Jb for 2months now and i finally got it ^^ Why didn’t get the old Ver KA u say? can’t find it 😦 Why not buy it online? parents said no ==” anyways.. i chose this kit is because I LOVE WING GUNDAM ^^ I hope bandai makes a Wing Zero Gundam (TV Series version). what i need now is MG Shenglong. and 2 more EW MGs coming out >:D MG Sandrock and MG Heavyarms FTW!

MG RX78-5 Gundam 05

Is this really a rare Kit? hmp dunno find lots of it in JB eventhough its 154.90RM ==” the kit is great ^^ love the Gatling gun.. did some drybrushing to it… but i’m lazy to post up the pic 😛 sadly the legs are been held by Ball Bearings.. which i don’t really like.. cuz i can’t don’t much poses =/.

MG EPyon Gundam Review 1

THis is kit is okay i guess ^^ love the gimmicks and everything. sad part are the wings.. keeps falling.. juz the right side. but the kit is freaking awesome ^^ Also did some weathering on it. Black Marker of course and dry Brushed it with the silver marker ^^. sadly i don’t have TOuch Marker. if not i could give it more details haha

that’s the end of my review since the rest on Facebook click the link to see more.. if you can’t add me. My facebook page is on top of the big screen showing sliding pics ^^

3 MGs in 2 Weeks

finally managed to upload some pics sigh*. .anyways.. got these 3 MGs in 2 weeks ^^ MG wing EW and Gundam 05 got both of ehm in the same week but different day. while MG EPyon got it on friday haha XD sorry that the pics are bloody big cuz i’m using the old editor.. and i can’t adjust the size

==" what to do =="

I’ve tried everything.. but still i can’t upload photos on my blog 😦 even used Photobucket and use its URL link and put it on my blog.. still the picture doesn’t come up. so what to do now?