WFC(War For Cybertron): Bumblebee Short Review

HEY! GUYS its been awhile since i last updated my blog.. nearly a week maybe? haha XD anyways.. i’m not here talking about that.. Here’s my Review on the Transformers War For Cybertron Bumble Figurine. Can say that this figurine is awesome. Transforming was okay i guess although it was a bit complicating from the start.. Love the vehicle mode.

Did some DryBrushing on it. and used black Marker as well for the Dirty effect like in the Game.

Gimmicks and Action poses no problem for me

Here’s the end for the review. “Size Doesn’t matter”~BumbleBee. had to make short review for this ^3^ ain’t gunpla mate ;). So Might be on a Transformers Mode for the Timing. NExt To get is the WFC OPTIMUS PRIME.. Sad it doesn’t come with the Battle Axe =,=”

4 thoughts on “WFC(War For Cybertron): Bumblebee Short Review

  1. Hey THANKS BRO!!!!!!!!! XD ..wish could do more haha will try to keep up on my weathering Techniques XD.. I don't really like to leave ehm plain Figurine… next is the WFC OPTIMUS PRIME!!

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