HGUC 1/144 FA Unicorn Gundam Custom

I’m Pretending to bE Bruce Lee 😀 
here’s my review on my own custom the Full Armored Unicorn Gundam Custom
The bazooka is able to fit under the arm 😀 
Front View
Rear View
Double Beam Saber 
Spread Shot like the Freedom gundam. also

Will try to Post up more pics on my customized kit here. TOok me 2 days to finish which was yesterday and today. Loads of cutting, Puttying, Cementing and Pasting of the substitute Pla plates 🙂 what can i say.. maybe this is the 2nd best HG i’ve done.. probably much better than the Dark Reborns i did months ago haha maybe not enough Mods to it  well this kit did loads of mods especially the shoulders and the knee.. loads of cutting then puttied and for the shoulders there was a gap so used the substitute pla plates. then placed this outside (which was yesterday) and Sprayed a Clear Spray(not MR Super Clear, its another brand i used)
here’s my Customized Kit. Hope You Liked ^_^.
Hit the Like Button on the DISQUS and Comment what do you think of this Customized Kit ^__^ 

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