HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) GPB Color

well here’s my Finished work on the Unicorn Gundam [Destroy mode] GPB Color. I didn’t really copy the whole thing because i don’t have Metallic Blue, So Decided to use Metallic Green Instead ^_^.
Hyper Bazooka

if u look closer.. actually lost one part on the antenna.. T^T” apparently it came off and fell somewhere.. which i hate Small Parts falling arggh! ><“”””
Hope You Guys like it ^_^ will post it up on Facebook. Hit the Like Button on the DISQUS and Do leave Comment ^_^


Beam Rifle
Team Unicorns. FA Unicorn and Unicorn Gundam

My HGUC Unicorn GUndam Destroy Mode GPB Color WIP1

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the chest i used Spray and red marker. frames i colored with metallic green. but its not quite finished yet.. ugh.. so many parts to remove =o=”

Something to past the time… so decided to do this . but WIP is quite slow cuz i’ve got loads of assignments so got no time to paint this -,-” ah well ESWIP 🙂