Transformers:Dark of the Moon Mechtech SkyHammer

Here is the Transformers DOTM: MEchTech Sky Hammer . can’t do much poses cuz some of the joints are not ball bearing… so i had to use the Gundam Stand to hold it.. it keeps falling back.. ah well. the Figurine is great =) love the mech tech weapon.. apparently i haven’t painted it yet =/
Also used Dry Brushing Technique and did some weathering using Acrylic Paints

First Part Robot Mode:

Also Panel Lined The head =)

How i wish the legs were ball joints.. 
The Gun Becomes a Claw =D 

Part II Vehicle Mode:

Helicopter Mode. Like the Design of the helicopter. 
my first AirCraft Transformers Figurine

Painted the Exhaust fumes apparently i didn’t do a very good job ;_;
Side View

Well Hope U like it ^_^

~mecha X kamen Rider

Change.. For the better or Worse?

Big Picture ==”
Facebook is Upgrading.. fine no problem.. but there lack of button how are we posting videos?. =S
really necessary to view on what others are doing?
Where’s the video Uploader?
What The hell?
also another way to Comment faster? =O