MG Exia Custom WIP 3

this is the 3rd WIP for this custom the other 2 u may ask? its in Mecha X kamen Rider =) i just placed it here hehehehehehehehehe nyaahaha XD anyways this is my progress so far.. still haven’t painted the right knee armor  and still haven’t remoded the weapon.. sigh* =< anyways.. give ur suggestions on the WIP2 on MEcha X kamen Rider =)

MG Exia CUstom WIP2

continued my work at night after Magrib Prayers =) 
painted the left knee armor haven’t done the right one =P
Used Runners so it can hold the 0 raiser Binders on the shoulders
weapon mod FAIL! T_T
Try to give me suggestions for my Weapon Problem =S
Putty and Pla Plates(from Runners :P)
WIP3 is in this link HERE!!!!!!! WIP3

MG Exia Custom

this is my first Master Grade Custom among my MG collections lolz… actually it was suppose to be the Destiny GUndam but i didn’t have Force Impulse ;D trying to bring the dead back ;D anyways… here’s my progression so far.. had to like Cut the GN sword in halve just to place the Sniping THingy from NG Cherudim’s Gun
i just finished drilling the whole for the left Shoulder and placed the NG 0 Raiser’s Binders to it.. 
so it might be named Exia Raiser (MechaXkamen Rider ver.)
ah well we’ll  see how it goes. Not really good in taking Pics and Doing Work at the same time =P