Gespenst MKII WIP1

Yes!! finally got the Super Robot wars OG: Gespenst MKII woo hoo ^_^ just finished the body.. and this is my first Kotobukiya brand among my collections =D

Love the design of this kit.. can’t wait to get done xD

might also spray some parts with Chrome Spray..since i just bought yesterday at Tesco. bwahhahahhahaha xD. so Kamen Rider W Heat Metal.. I’mma coming FOR YA!!!!!

progression so far.. gonna take my time on this kit.. since i heard its fragile =/ ganbatte

Reposting this again.. with some more pictures =) seriously need a new Bottle of Tamiya Cement..
it took me 2 hours to build up this gun.. >< the pegs were weak to connect…
greatest weapon challenged i faced bwahahha

then removed by sanding with the Nail filer..than i’m thinking to do some weathering with it so……

head connected..damn those fins are sharp…

head done. body done..

need to restock my equipments.. Silver finished, gold turned black, yellow…… blue.. nearly finishing.. Red.. same aswell…  grrrrrEnd of the post.
To be continued…………

Happy HalloweeN!

Its HAlloween TODAY!! on a Monday.. oMFG =,=”” anyways… gonna update MEchaXkamen rider.. with death Scythe gundam.. later on.. maybe once i get back from class take a few photos and photoshop as a Halloween theme. bwahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahaha
Trick or Treat ? XD

repeats again… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

GPB J Beginning Gundam and Forever GUndam

haven’t updated this blog for a week because there’s no loots coming in.. and apparently the person didn’t call that i can get a Job T_T hurdur..erm anyways.. was browsing through GG’s Blog and i saw these awesome designs of the Beginning Gundam and Forever Gundam from the Gunpla Builders J. Really like on what they did for this Hobby Japan Issue…
But i really Salute the forever Gundam Custom… HEAVY WEAPONS GUY!!! XD .. Ah man.. i really wanna do that.. seems by the custom… i can see Hazel, DYnames, Zeta….hmmmmm Heavy Arms? and Sinanju? maybe..haha makes me wanna buy another FOrever GUndam to do this…
Wonder if Bandai gonna make this Forever Gundam in Future Reference?

Transformers Figures Coming in

OMG! Takara Tomy MasterPiece Starscream with a crown and Cape is coming.. DAMN REally need money nAO ><” that’s why i’m finding a JOb.. so gonna have to wait for the Shop Owner’s Call. Because he’s got one more guy he hired.. and see if he’s performance is good.. if no good. .then i’m hired 8D…..

Once i’ve got enough money i’ll get these 2 and maybe some other gunplas ……

anyways….. SO POISONOUS! ><

DOTM: Leader Class Striker Optimus Prime.. ><“
even though this one was out years ago.. or last year.. or 5.. lOL.. i still want this ><“” Shop Sells like 199RM T__T”
That’s why i need a Job
JOb> Money> Items =D

really hope i get the job..=/ haven’t build any Master Grades For a Long time T_T 2011 definitely not my year ==”

Something random

yo pips what’s up? nothing much here.. suppose to update this blog with my transformers.. but i keep going to Mecha X Kamen RIder.. LOLz… talk about me multi tasking… zz anyways.. decided to edit my old HGOO Custom.. the OO Kaiser.

App: PhotoShop Element 9. if you look up the shoulders… those aren’t real decals actually.. haha XD google searched the LOGO for CB and found it.. then lowered the Opacity too hmm 69 or 50+% so it looks transparent.. and Hold the Command Button to adjust the picture. But for the other parts yes they are decals bwhahahaha


THis is the original Picture haha XD


That’s the end of the post… WILL TRY TO Update this more often XD

Transformers DOTM: Air Raid Part2

This post i’mma gonna show how the transforming is formed and removed abit of the touch ups 😉
Also Realized… (after Transforming This Guy….. He’s a Wannabe MArcross Bot)
the thing was abit messy… well too messy.. to decided to remove some of it by using a marker and removing by Cotton . Due to its thinner inside the marker i’m able to remove the over paint sections.

Will Try to do a Video Review on Transformers next time……

Painted the exhaust Section with black.
During the cleaning… the autobot symbol was removed as well =,=” How am i gonna find Decals for Transformers? Also painted the red sections… sort a//

Moving on.. this is how the transforming goes~

Wing Rotates up first

Then the tail Rotates down

Rotate the Body wing up

Red Arrow: the Nose Goes Up
Blue arrow: Body Wing Goes Up one more time
White Arrow: the Tail just put down  so it can stand and i can take photo

Rotate the Right Arm and Separate them

Move both Arms LEft and Right
and Be sure to give space by Moving the Body Wing One last time

The tail has a hook connector. connect it to the red hook so it will hold 

Move Both Fins Up

Rotate Both Wings Down (its up to u if u have Mech Tech Weapons Held on the slots)
Move the Nose Down
Cockpit window Opens Up
and Lastly You SLide it DOwn

And Conclusion > 

Mechtech Weapon:

I used my Gold marker to weather this part. Why? it is because it became Black.. and Brown? kinda like Poop….. anyways… used to it to have that hmmm Rusty Effect? or Poop…=o=”