Customizing again :3

Customizing the HGGPB 1/144 Beginning 30 Gundam. since it looks a bit Bulky i’m trying to slim it down 😀  Removed quite a few parts and used abit from the BEginning It self..



click Here to view the whole thing 😀supposed to continue today.. raining and i forgot to bring this kit along with me on my way to the other house =,=”



Beginning Gundam Custom WIP1

this is WIP Day for this new custom i came up with ^_^

the shoulders i removed those small parts and replaced them with ZZ gundam’s Waist wings (there goes one HG) Painted the chest Black which i am gonna repaint the Blues to Black.. Kinda Obsess with dark MS 😛

Trying to make it seemingly Slimmer.. since Beginning 30 Gundam looks bulky…. and the Box art is Slimmer wtf ==””’

I’ve placed markings on sections that needs to be modded  :

might wanna add something.. if i can’t think of any its sealed 

I Might mod the back pack.. just need to think on what to add to this

Gambatte for me on this next project.

For this i wana follow like the Beginning Gundam D.. well not exactly with minimum  Runner left overs…

Exia MG Custom is actually still in progress but i don’t have Avalanche Exia NG yet cuz da legs needs some modifications and also the back side ah well.. soon :3

The legs i wanna add Gundam Astrea Type F2’s Rocket Pods but i need plaster so i can duplicate.. but i need tutorials before starting