Reveal the Sheild: Rodimus Prime & Cyclonus

was a Hunting game of the search for JEsta.. apparently i gave up.. for now.. so anyway i Bought the Transformers Reveal The Sheild: Rodimus Prime and Cyclonus Deluxe Class ^^ Kinda like the design.. and maybe it needs some Panel Lining? kinda plain 😛 i was thinking to a bit of a paint JOb on it :3
Ok Reviewing 2 in 1 Post

First Post Rodimus prime:

Robot mode
Head might need a repaint. 

can’t do those X types of Poses
Vehicle Mode. nice design bringing the G1 ver back. might need Panel Linings
the Autobot Symbol
Came with Nitro Effect

2nd Post: Cyclonus

its not bad though.. maybe can do some poses
Need moore Decepticon.. sadly he’s the only Baddy in the collection XD 

Minicon can also Mount on the Vehicle :3
he needs panel lining
Mini con. turns into a gun :3

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