its been awhile since i last updated this blog lOL. so anyways i’ve been working on my Jesta for the group Build. Its not Done yet because there’s still parts that has to be painted… lol. from a Spec Ops i turned him into rocket

 guy? XD

here’s the prototype of the Jesta I’m Working on

To View more on my works, click the Following link Below:

Don’t worry. its still under progress i’ll update this post with new WIPs and Review ;D 

HGUC 1/144 Jesta WIP III

done? hmmm not yet hahas. Some parts still needs to be painted.
i decided to remove the gun on the shoulder.. apparently it didn’t go well as i taught it would. BUT! i placed with Seravee’s GNHW parts… so to bad for the Beginning Gundam Custom. :P.

so anyways. i decided to have a very simple design for the JEsta Custom ^_^. Instead of “Medic” color.. wanted Black and white 😀

Front View
Rear View
need to repair that scar ;_;. Cut out runners so that the Rocket Pods can be held on
the cut out part from the runner still needs to be sand….. then can repaint it black or maybe White?

WIP to fast?
lol Still under Progress.. hahaha
Stay tune.. will do more tomorrow…since the sun is slowly setting down ^___^

HGUC 1/144 JEsta WIP2

fast right? i know =-=” . so anyways i decided to change the design. gonna leave some of the original and paint White on certain Sections ;D Here’s my progression so far.. only did the top body =_= finished the waist…sort of……and now my worse nightmare… legs =-=”

Modified the Rifle. used the grenade launcher from Sinanju and removed the Grip Holder of the gun.
Follows like COD* RUNAWAY* XD
Rain has stopped so managed to spray both shoulders :3 and added Arios’ Beam Rifle on the Left Shoulder

Did some research on what i wanted to do on the Jesta and i found this. i kinda like the design.well i’m not gonna follow exactly because i ain’t got no pla plates :(. so i’ll do what ever i can on my Jesta 😀

end of the post. Stay tune for more 😀

HGUC 1/144 Jesta WIP1

progression so far on the HGUC 1/144 Jesta.
Managed to actually sprayed the body before it rained… and now its raining can’t spray the rest yet.. might later go out and buy acrylic paint.
Might do the head later or tomorrow

canned spray i used is really good :3 

this is the end of WIP1 
Stay Tune 😀 and i’ve already got ideas on what to add to this dude ;D