Transformers:DOTM AIR Raid

This is my first Transformers which is under Takara Tomy and not Hasbro. for this guy there’s to versions one is the Normal Green Plane while this one is a Jet Fighter which i love the design. ALso it came with a card^__^  also saw one Optimus Prime MEch Tech Trailer card….. anyways starting my review  NOW! 

Did Touch Ups as usual

I think BD77 might like this XD

Part1 Robot Mode:

Front View

can do some awesome poses. Right arm has a Gatling Gun while it has a slot for  Mechtech Weapons
2 more slots that are under the wings which can be place with mech tech weapons or SkyHammer’s Rocket pods
Note: It really goes well
Back View

Part2: the Cards LOL

apparently this is a card game.. dunno whether its related like Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride
Part3 Vehicle Mode

Like the Jet mode.. that’s what poisoned me buying this XD there’s actually one more that have the same jet design. kinda forgot he’s name =-=”. anyways.. MAY I POISON YOU (if u like transforners) 🙂
Used a Gundam Action Base stand to hold it 

Like i said.. the rocket pods under the wings AWESOME! if it was added OPtimus’s Mechtech gun.. FOOO it will be
smexy ! XD

That’s the end of the post ^__^ Hope You Enjoy the Pictures hehehehee XD Autobots Transform and ROLL OUT!
Thank You For Reading or viewing 😀 

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