Gespenst MKII WIP1

Yes!! finally got the Super Robot wars OG: Gespenst MKII woo hoo ^_^ just finished the body.. and this is my first Kotobukiya brand among my collections =D

Love the design of this kit.. can’t wait to get done xD

might also spray some parts with Chrome Spray..since i just bought yesterday at Tesco. bwahhahahhahaha xD. so Kamen Rider W Heat Metal.. I’mma coming FOR YA!!!!!

progression so far.. gonna take my time on this kit.. since i heard its fragile =/ ganbatte

Reposting this again.. with some more pictures =) seriously need a new Bottle of Tamiya Cement..
it took me 2 hours to build up this gun.. >< the pegs were weak to connect…
greatest weapon challenged i faced bwahahha

then removed by sanding with the Nail filer..than i’m thinking to do some weathering with it so……

head connected..damn those fins are sharp…

head done. body done..

need to restock my equipments.. Silver finished, gold turned black, yellow…… blue.. nearly finishing.. Red.. same aswell…  grrrrrEnd of the post.
To be continued…………

Happy HalloweeN!

Its HAlloween TODAY!! on a Monday.. oMFG =,=”” anyways… gonna update MEchaXkamen rider.. with death Scythe gundam.. later on.. maybe once i get back from class take a few photos and photoshop as a Halloween theme. bwahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahaha
Trick or Treat ? XD

repeats again… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!