Gespents MK II Part III

Here’s Part III =3 did little touch ups sprayed some parts with chrome.. sadly it became flat colors in the end.. and less glossy cuz didn’t add Glossy Black Primer >__<  Apparently the Spray Paint i used didn’t dry that fast =/ now there’s like Finger Prints on the sprayed sections -_-. Where’s THE SUN!!!!!!!!! Its been raining for the pass few days D:

Lets be Friends :troll: 
If i ever have the hobby items i need .. i wish to do this gespents. its gonna be a lot of work for this cuz of its details and back pack ><. but really effin Love this Design From Crying Wolf.
well if there’s a Model kit for This one than no problem for me hahahahahaa
Was browsing through some Gespents Stuff and Found this!!! the Kyoske Nanbu’s Gespents  Altiesen Ver!!!!! wonder if are those Parts Resin Kits? or is this gonna be Release.. if it is.. its So on my wish list *3* Super Poisoning .


Thank You For Viewing ^___^

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