Gundam F91 Review Part 1

Finished the Base stand. and i’m reviewing this without it shooting the Rafflesia  =)
So i can say .. its a Small MG.. LOL he’s like the size of the 1/144 Gespents .. LOLOLOLL but i really love this kit. its a Good Choice on buying it ^^.

and i still haven’t replace the Torn Decal .. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Face Open
Actually it flips. .LOLZ
Front view

Rear View
Actions and Gimmicks:

Beam Rifle √

Hyper Bazooka √

ReShot without Flash. Really goes well. like the first Picture
Blasters √
if it weren’t for F91.. Freedom Gundam wouldn’t have existed XD
Plasma Shield and Beam Saber √
Faceopen mode

hentai Tentacles Base Stand ermemr sidakmdi sjfaaf i mean Rafflesia =)

Will Upload more pictures Tomorrow ^___^
THank You For VIewing ^___^

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