Room Transform!

Welcome to my 2nd Room bwahhahah which this is my Original House. All This Time I’ve Been Living in my Grandma’s House ^^. anyways. since i’ve collected quite a few Transformers nowadays.. i’ve Decided to split GUnpla and Transformers Up. Gunplas> Grandma’s House and Transformers > mY House ^__^ its a win win Situation so i won’t feel bored in the original house because its really really boring =,= and quite alot of racist people in the area 

 so probably i think i can change my room into WFK (War. For . Khaidir) LOLOLOLOLOL xD change my room into cybertron.. i just need to balance up the characters i have. at least 50 Decepticons and 50 autobots. eventhough there a lot of ehm. but i’ve decided to mix DOTM/ROTF, G1,G2, WFCs and what ever new comes in .
Lets meet the cast of the room šŸ™‚
I’ll just show Autobots first bwahahhahahah :troll:
G2 Megatron and G1 Cyclonus

only have 2 Decepticons.. Need More. Didn’t wanna buy DOTM Starscream.. doesn’t look nice.. prefer the Thundercracker and Skywarp (eventhough they’re the same but i like the colors )

Autobots Lets Roll Out! and Fly.. 

Hotrod/ Rodimus Prime
G1 Optimus Prime
Hunt For the Decepticon Optimus Prime
WFC Bumblebee
DOTM RoadBuster
DOTM Sideswipe
DOTM SkyHammer
DOTM AirRaid

This is the end Of th Post

Hope You Enjoy
not gonna update this Blog on monday and Tuesday because i’ve got exams šŸ˜¦

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