G2 Megatron II

Did some Random Shooting with MEgatron outside of my house since there’s daylight and nice weather and something to post before SPM Retake.

among the photos i’ve taken i kinda like this one. very Stealthy even though i  do not know how to paint camo style =/ not Airbrush to do it though.. don’t know about hand painting it xD ah well
after taking couple of Pictures with Megatron. … He Really Blends in with the background. bwhahahah what an awesome choice i made ^^. 

Also realized after doing weathering touch ups on MEgatron.. it also blends it with the background ^__^ bwhahahaa now He needs More Grunts. hmmm wonder whom to get next?

This is the end of the post.
Wish Me luck For ma Exams TOmorrow .

2 thoughts on “G2 Megatron II

  1. i saw some repaints on google pics when i was doing some research hahaa. yeah love the green on megatron too. wish i knew how to repaint Transformers.. cuz i'm not sure how to remove parts from it 

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