Transformers Generations: Straxus

this is the first post for Straxus. haven’t done any weathering yet bwahahah because i don’t have mR color Silver at the moment =3=

Front View

Rear View

if i have the Mr Color With me… was thinking to do something like this guy’s Straxus Repaint

so far this is a good Reference

The Tank’s Gun turns into a Battle Axe
also the mini weapons are adjustable and can be place anywhere on the tank itself

Mini Rifle
Rocket Pods
some sort of Hoopla…. drilled a hole cuz it looks plain -_-
The hands are like the MG hands..hmmm comparing like Strike Gundam’s MG hands except the thumb doesnt move

ACTION&GIMMICK: Really love the Gimmicks for this Figurine.. so far no Regrets

Tank Mode & Battle Station mode
as i said previously… this dude has 2 Transformation modes i’ll start of with the tank mode first.
Tank Mode
Battle Station Mode


Straxus is a Decepticon from the Generation 1 continuity family. He is sometimes known as Darkmount.
Mercy is not dispensed here, fools, only Pez.

Mercy is not dispensed here, fools, only Pez.

A ruthless, fearmongering dictator, Lord High Governor Straxus is a threat to all under his rule—including his own inner circle. From his throne in Darkmount, there are none in Polyhex who do not feel his crushing influence. Straxus’s word is law, unbound by reason or facts, and can and will change from thought to thought. Do not try to appeal to his sense of pity; he has none.
A brutal powerhouse, he is more than able to enforce his policies, usually with a deadly blow from his battle axe. So terrible is Straxus that even Megatron gives the dictator his space, allowing the small-minded tyrant to terrorize his corner of the globe. Megatron may have designs on the galaxy, but in Polyhex, Straxus rules.
Mercy is not dispensed here, fools… only death!Straxus, The Smelting Pool!

THis is the end of the post~
Hope You Enjoyed it ^^

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