MG 00 Gundam 7swords/g WIP2

here’s today’s wip post  for the 00 gundam. was an early bird build cuz right after the early morning prayers.. couldn’t sleep decided to continue building up 00 Gundam. apparently from 5.50am right up to 7.00am… all i just did was building the arm = =
managed to finish building the chest hehe
came with 2 sets of hands.. one is like the EW series. and the other  is the movable fingers
took me an hr to place the fingers together after separating them ==
GN Sword Blaster II damn big..
Left arm Frame
Runners conquers the quarter part of the table.. and including my tools and the manual.. it has Conquered the table O_O
been taking like 1hr breaks hehe so i’m doing the back pack now

Finishing off the GN Drives.. 

but apparently i just finished one.. bwhahahah resting again =w=

To Be Continued…………….
end of the post~ enjoy ;D

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