Something Random

Haven’t quite get  this blog active.. eventhough i booked marked it i still went to my First Blog.. LOLZ…..


I’ve been getting Quite alot of Transformers Lately.. and kinda hard to get Gundams nowadays X_X not that there’s no stock or anything. but Transformers has been Poisnoning Me… Like a LOT.. Especially the Generations Series.. Sadly its hard to get the WFCs =-=” managed to get like 2 of ehm… sigh*…


SPray painted the head of the HGUC Jesta… cuz needed to balance the color.. apparently i need to like repaint some parts of the Jesta to White.. LOLZ

but kinda lazy nowadays due to my Presentation which is next week.. hOpe can get through.

No recent Customs either due to lack of Cement and no Pla Plates =-=”

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