Model & Figure PhotoGraphy


Here’s some Random pics taken by me =). was kinda bored.. so decided to do up little Toy Photography. Usually do this during my pass time. hahas don’t really go out much =/.. indoor person yea i knw.. sometimes i have no mood to go out =3=.

i’ll start off with my Fav Custom which is the HGUC Forever Unicorn 🙂

Camera: Nikon D3100

Locations: At Home and College.

Objects>Custom Unicorn, StarScream,RedAlert and Kamen Rider W Fang Joker

so far in 2011. i kinda like this custom i made… hahas xD last year was my 00 Custom.. so this year is the Unicorn. wonder who shall be the next Custom Mascot for next year? 😉

MG 1/8 Figure-Rise Kamen Rider W Fang/Joker Form. Apparently i haven’t got the  rest of the Combos yet.. So tempting on the Cyclone Joker form =/. Also  want the OOO ><

Generations Red Alert. i like this shot hehehehehe xD

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