MG Rx78 Gundam WIP3

Did the arms after coming back from friday prayers… . so then continued more till night like around 7.30pm. only did the waist xD 
also finished off the Beam rifle and the Sheild.
really need a cement right now. >< so maybe i can cut out the flat parts from the runners and make some extra details.. plenty of Empty Spaces on the chest and the shoulders. 
so starting the legs , Beam Javelin  and the Hyper Bazooka.
for the eyes when i was doing the head (which i kinda forgot to take photo)
i hand painted with Markers.. looks like this one is Sticker Free xD 
Fingers separated. which is my favourite part on doing the arms xD 
So LEGS are tomorrow =3= then probably start with the Kamen Rider W he is waiting and is very tempting to build 
Progression So far.
The Shield is BIG! xD
End of the post

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