DOTM Voyage Class: Ironhide

2nd Haul for 2012 is the Dark Of the Moon VOyage Class: Ironhide. this figurine is pretty challenging for transforming into vehicle mode.. quite alot of loose parts that falls off when you’re transforming it =/. but its really nice though.. no waist articulations.. arms looks like it could hardly move xD . leg poses is really nice.. easy to stand. suppose to end getting DOTM Series =3=” maybe i’ll make this one the last =3=.. then i’mma gonna need to save for ROTF Rampage.. he’s really poisoning >_<

Painted the Symbol with silver
gun spins when u push the back panel
Plenty of peg holes to add in with MechTech Weapons

Toy Photography 2

Did little photography yesterday since the weather was nice and the sun was just nice around 3.00pm-5.30pm. so decided to take out the RX 78 Gundam and bumblebee for shooting outside of my house ^^

Camera use: Nikon D3100
Models: DOTM Nitro BUmblebee & MG rx78Gundam version 2.0
 [click the Image to enlarge it :)]

really love my camera 8D. just need some new Lens :3