HGUC Sinanju+AddOn weapon

Here’s my post for the HGUC Sinanju Repaint. with the add on weapon which i got from one the of the Chinese Mag. DX Hobby Bazooka part. Really love this :3. makin’ Ma Sinanju badass :3. i’m thinking to get another one to add to the shield.. sadly now Gatling guns are out T_T” used to have it but now its history T^T” took me an hr to put these parts together. went out for awhile to by Cement.. so it will stick.. Pegs were really weak…… sigh*.. and falls off. so Cemented it and now its Good 😀

might go out tomorrow to the store to get 1 More Bazooka. and also gonna spray both of ehm Black. just hope it does not rain tomorrow =/

also the add on part makes it heavy. so the arm might tilt down …

that’s the end of the post :3 stay tune for a next post with Sinanju 😀