Gespenst WIP

Here’s my progression for tonight.. posted also couple of hours ago wip4.. so this is also part of the WIP4.. so  i need a decision whether this is a good idea for the right arm’s Revolver Needle..

the part was used from the Wagtail’s Shoulder so heheheheheh 😉

THis is how it looks like right now well except for the right arm ;D ..

to view the rest of the WIPS.. click the link here

so for now i’m just concentrating on the chest first aswell as the arm..

stay tune for the next WIP 😉 which will be posted in MechaXKamenRider

Gespents WIP4

Progression so far. mostly concentrated on the chest first hehehe. did little extension to the chest cannon xD.. kinda looks like a face though …. used parts from 1.5 THis time.. and some from the wagtail again :3 now what i really want is to extend the waist a little higher. was thinking to use one from my old 00 series.. but the peg is too big for it .. ><..

Plated a little bit on left hand.. well its not done yet though.
added some fins from zz to the shoulders. 

i’ve already got a concept for coloring. so i’ve decided to repaint him black, maybe for some parts i’ll hand brush ehm  needle i can make it silver since i have chrome spray. actually the inspiration actually came from this gespenst right here. :3 decided to change some parts

THat’s the end of the POST! 😀