Gespenst WIP 5

Today’s and also last night’s progress on doing the Gespenst Custom ^^ Been Going through HeatHorn‘s Blog for some reference :3 He’s Work on the altiesen Progress is really interesting and very motivational :)THANKS!!!

skirts from the wag tail again 😉 cutting out a small part of it to add as a detail for the sides of the  gespenst 🙂
This are all last night’s and for today’s progress. concentrated on the arm ^^
For now i’ve just spray painted the head and painted the horn silver ^^ 
decided to have some add ons to the right arm by adding wagtail’s Shoulder part and also ZZ Exhaust fumes from the shoulders to the arm ^^
so far this really going well hehe ^^
End of the Post~ ^^ Thanks for Dropping BY ^^
will still keep an Update on him ^^