Gespenst Ready To Paint

well.. looks like i’m done modding the parts so the Gespenst is ready to be spray painted with za Black 😀 .

 doing this after class and after prayers ^^ Hopes today would be nice sunny day to spray. don’t wanna have an awkward moment as i placed my stuff outside and suddenly rains.. ><

but maybe before doing the spraying i need to do Masking First and also find myself a grey spray. if i can’t then i’ll just have to use my Acrylic paint to paint certain sections ;).

i’ve also removed the parts already and placed them on sticks well actually from the runners i used ;D been awhile since i last ate satays ^^

placed some of ehm haven’t dismental some parts yet because i need to do masking on the chest and the shoulders and the arms might use markers on small parts

as you can see from the picture i’ve already started with the head 😉 yesterday hahahaa^^

End of the post. stay Tune for the Next Post for the gespenst ^^