HG AGE Gundam Age 2

Here’s a post of my Gundam Age 2. suppose to post it.. couple of days ago.. but i kinda forgotten :P. love building this kit 😀 and also spray painted the blue sections.. 

no regrets on him though =D love the design for this kit. also hopes for an MG Scale for Age-2 =D

the jet mode is also a nice design. my first taught was customizing AGE-2.. but i’m not too sure what to add XD + i’ll also have to think on how he’s gonna transform ><

great articulations. Very SMEXY POSES!! XD

well that’s the end of the post =D

Deluxe Class WFC: Soundwave

After for sometime.. I have Finally succeeded on getting this Soundwave. I like this version. Alot.. much better than Micheal Bay’s Version =/. designs for this SOundwave is really nice which got me into buying this hehe. now for this version of Soundwave, this one is a Triple changer. Before taking snapshots on soundwave.. i did a little weathering on him.. sadly my silver was not strong enough >_<. need a new one… grrrr.. but i managed to dry brush it with some black paint
WHy did i say he’s a triple changer?
maybe this will answer your question
First transformation 1: RObot mode

he has a rocket pod on he’s right shoulder
great articulations. ball joint feet and hips, Hands can turn360º 
he’s chest piece is able to open. no.. not adding the cassettes
Refers to*: Frenzy, RUmble, Laserbeak, Ravage and Ratbat
(there are more.. but kinda forgotten)
he needs a third party cassette sets =/ but i don’t think they’re able to fit inside because the gap is kinda small
reason why he can’t have the cassettes inside is that this stores in the weapons.

2nd Phase: Vehicle Mode

THe cybertronian armored vehicle for soundwave is not bad though.

there peg holes to add he’s weapons

Final Phase: BoomBox mode
Here’s his 3rd Formation. how Soundwave suppose to be 
a Boombox

Let’s Boogie xD 
hope i could really get more decepticons.. hehe got poisoned by couple of transformers. xD
HailStorm looks poisoning . .. also hopes for the shop to sell G1 Thundercracker and G1 Skywarp.. ma Starscream is lonely.. :foreveralone: Bahahahahahhahahahhaha time to expand my Decepticon Army!!

That’s the end of the post =)

Transformers United: Warpath (Deluxe class)

Here’s my Review for Transformers United Deluxe class Warpath
my first United Version actually (Still considered Takara Tomy).
the difference between this Japanese Version and Hasbro is that its missing KA-POW and KA-800M decals on the sides of the wheel.
Worth Buying and  No Regrets for this guy =) what i need are more Decepticons … >_< ah well.. since the fall of Cybertron figures are coming. then i shall get Bruticus >:D 
BUt this is really a great Figurine (if you love All Transformers)
Missile on the right shoulder shoots
Great Articulations though.
sadly it doesn’t have waist articulations..
Tank Mode
Design for he’s Tank Mode is really nice.
not so sure why must warpath must have such a long missile = =

That’s the end of the POst =)

HG Age G-EXES Nemesis Prime Custom

Finished this Kit 😀 Painted it with Marker because the day was gloomy so decided to use markers =3 yes.. there’s still paint chipping off >_< Keep Forgetting to add Primer.. sigh*. ah well.


THis is really a great kit . kinda relate to. Optimus Prime though LOL..

Here’s pictures of my G-EXES =)


G-EXES (Nemesis Prime) WIP2

Today’s Progression. Started off around 6.00am in the morning after morning prayers.. can’t sleep =w=.. so decided to build up the G-EXES ( nemesis Prime color).

Just need to paint the sheild and Backpack =) just hope it doesn’t rain >_<

also gonna give him Zabanya’s Guns :3 makin him a Gunslinger since  can’t find a perfect sword for him (cuz Nemesis Prime use he’s sword alot)

G-EXES (Nemesis Prime Color) WIP01

Here’s my WIP for the HG-AGE G-EXES Model kit :3 my first AGE kit though :3 age-1.. well to me.. not poisoning enough as AGE-2 or  G-EXES or the G-Bouncer XD . since i’ve look through some photoshop edits of G-EXES or Repaints on him.. never have i seen Nemesis Prime Painted =/ (can’t say Ultra Magnus because he’s white xD) Hotrod was a good idea but i’m not good with warm Colors XD


Painted the eyes with Rouge and Black around it :3 enlarge to view the picture clearer =3

This is gonna be all black >:D and maybe wanna add some wings  by using Legos or somethin else we’ll see how this go