WFC Optimus Prime

Finally got this Badass Optimus Prime >:D yes.. after a year on Hunting this Badboy i finally got him. well i actually got him from TOys R Us.. probably he’s one of the most exp i’ve spent among my TFs xD not even the Takara Tomy Air Raid Cost more than him xD .
He’s from the set Rage For Cybertron Set which came along with BumbleBee and Megatron but i’m not posting them :P.
Objective was to make it Takara ish.. somehow it didn’t happened..ah well.. maybe the next time 😛
so Anyways. Here it goes.. this is a Really nice Figurine that Decided to add more weapons to him and Was thinking (for FUture plans) to build up one Cybertronian Convoy For  Optimus Prime 😀
Repainted the Yellow parts on the chest and skirt area cuz i didn’t like the yellow XP. Here’s a Comparison in Vehicle Mode

Lets Start off with His Robot Mode:\

Articulations for this Optimus Prime is well.. Okay I guess? Legs are ball joints so i like that 
Hands can turn 360º. He just doesn’t have waist Articulations due to the chest piece that has to be connected to a peg in the frames
Heavy weapons Mode:
why i named it Heavy Weapons? cuz With the extra Peg Holes he has i’ve decided to add some weapons from the other Transformers to him ;D 
Vehicle Mode.
I love he’s Vehicle mode. i think its a Cybertonian Armored Truck? car?. ah well. Its really a Great kit
No Regrets on him ;D can’t wait for this year’s FOC Figurines >:D 
The paint scrapped off =3=” gonna repaint that later 😉
There’s a Peg Hole where u place the Gun as a Turret =3
That’s the end of the post. Wait for my StopMotion Video on Transforming the Optimus Prime 😉 so stay Tune 

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