1/144 Altiesen Riese WIP 1

Finally bought this kit 😀 the 1/144 Scaled Altiesen Riese from Super Robot Wars OG ( just for those who don’t know) 🙂 wanted to get 2 Hauls actually but the RTS Deluxe Class G2 Laser Optimus Prime  but i don’t know whether spending 169RM is worth paying for especially its from Hasbro and not Takara tomy =/.. ah well.. here’s my progression so far:


Love what Kotobukiya did for the eyes 😀

Stopped the arm for awhile 🙂 cuz i wanted to do the chest first (my mind set still follows Bandai xD )

Love the head Design 😀 so Smexy and the Horn is effin long and thin ._.

That’s the end of the post 🙂

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