Transformers United: Warpath (Deluxe class)

Here’s my Review for Transformers United Deluxe class Warpath
my first United Version actually (Still considered Takara Tomy).
the difference between this Japanese Version and Hasbro is that its missing KA-POW and KA-800M decals on the sides of the wheel.
Worth Buying and  No Regrets for this guy =) what i need are more Decepticons … >_< ah well.. since the fall of Cybertron figures are coming. then i shall get Bruticus >:D 
BUt this is really a great Figurine (if you love All Transformers)
Missile on the right shoulder shoots
Great Articulations though.
sadly it doesn’t have waist articulations..
Tank Mode
Design for he’s Tank Mode is really nice.
not so sure why must warpath must have such a long missile = =

That’s the end of the POst =)

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