RG Skygrasper with Launcher Strike and Sword Strike

Completed my first Aircraft model and also added Decals to it. well not all of the decals though =/. Kit is really small though i mean like small to be a 1/144 XD. was thinking that this would have an  Inner frame like hmm the MG G-Fighter?

what can i say? i’m really impressed with the details on this RG kit 
You can also attach the Packs to the skygrasper 
Forgive me for not posting this one with Aile pack because itz broken so i don’t have much parts to customize it
Here’s all the features of the SkyGrasper with the Packs
comes with extra hands for them hold weapons

Launcher pack

Really love the Launcher pack. Alot!!  that gun. .so smexy =w=
good thing that the Mega beam isn’t Heavy  and really love the articulations that this strike can give with the launcher pack
Next is the Sword Pack
Grapple with wire.
Beam Boomerang
The BUSter SWORD!!!!!:D (one reason why i bought this Kit)
 if you wish to view the Aile pack Review (before it was broken)
really Enjoyed Building this Model kit even though there weren’t many Parts but i’m good with it ;3
Hope You Like it ^^ 
That’s end of the Post~

RTS: G2 Laser Optimus Prime

Well after a long time i’ve managed to get the Reveal the Sheild Deluxe Class Generation 2 Laser Optimus PRime. this was also a childhood toy which i used to have years ago.. till i lost it ._. + that was a Leader class sized >_<" sadly i didn't get to buy MakeToys' Battle Tanker set to upgrade Optimus but i didn't had enough cash.. sigh* Y u no be cheap :0. was thinking to repaint this to Scourge (nemesis prime) but i’ll need to find decepticon decals =3 articulations for this kit is not bad though but.. the Shoulders are in the way so the arms can’t really move much =/ ball join feets which is just perfect. hasbro's paintjob. not bad plenty of parts have Light Piping ;3 now i’mma gonna need to save cash again.. to get Zeydra and MakeToys Battle tanker Set

Hope You like it 🙂 Stay tune ^^

RG 1/144 Skygrasper (Launcher+Sword pacK) WIP01

Here’s  Strike with the Launcher Pack 

Finally got this RG Kit :3 its me Third RG model and the only aircraft model in my collections. I bought this  because wanted the Strike pack since my Aile Pack has a broken part T.T” Cement not working at all >_<.
so here’s my progression so far. sorta started on the Launcher pack first xD

completed the cockpit 
Panel lined some of the parts so i iz gonna do more tomorrow because i wanna play Team Fortress 2
very addictive =3=
so small wip post 😉
so stay tune for the next Post 😉

HGAGE 1/144 G-Bouncer

Quick Build for the HGAGE G-bouncer which i got today hehehe. also got my Retaked SPM Cert and got an E for BM.. ah well.. its a pass. anyways.. so decided to reward myself with something so bought G-Bouncer. Which some how i like the design. Similar  to the G-EXES.

great kit though. didn’t  have any plans on repaints or customization for him. he’s like a White version for Batman.. heheheheh xD

dissapointment was the hook. was not greenish enough like the box art =/ or the show. was thinking something more 00 Concept?

Great Articulations and does dynamic poses 😀

HGUC Banshee Gundam ( unicorn/Destroy modes)

Finished building this Kit. and I really love this version of unicorn. Some how the Unicorn Mode looks like a Mohawk?Rooster MS??LOLOLXD
Even Spray Painted the unicorns
Unicorn Mode>Glossy Black
also painted the psycho Frame with Brilliant Gold. though my failure was not adding Glossy Black Primer >_<“
they have the same features for original Unicorn but only the new add-ons to unicorn Banshee 😀 
So i’ll start with the Unicorn first.
now with the Destroy Mode
not  bragging or anything but i think this is got to be the best painted kit among my collection. .. 
painted the Thrusters with a silver marker which some how became flat ==
Gotta love them Weapons 😀 
and the battle begins 
Well that’s the end of the post for Banshee :3 Hope You enjoyed it ^^

Laptop Photography or somethin like that

was bored so decided to do some really random today. used the miniature sized Diecast Starwars collection well my starwars collection is small though XD